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From j...@apache.org
Subject [jira] Updated: (JS1-282) [ENH] allow different navigation styles when adding portlets in the customizer
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 18:50:45 GMT
The following issue has been updated:

    Updater: Mark Orciuch (mailto:morciuch@apache.org)
       Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 10:50 AM
             type changed from Bug to New Feature
             priority changed from Blocker to Minor
For a full history of the issue, see:


View the issue:

Here is an overview of the issue:
        Key: JS1-282
    Summary: [ENH] allow different navigation styles when adding portlets in the customizer
       Type: New Feature

     Status: Resolved
   Priority: Minor
 Resolution: FIXED

    Project: Jetspeed
   Fix Fors:
             1.4b4-dev / CVS

   Reporter: Jeremy Ford

    Created: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 8:30 PM
    Updated: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 10:50 AM
Environment: Operating System: All
Platform: All

I would like to propose allowing different navigation styles when using the
customizer to add portlets.  Currently, you have the option to either page
forward or backward.  It would be nice if there was a way that allowed different
types of navigations.  Using the following patches, I have created different
navigations based on a parameter set in the PortletSetCustomizer registry entry. 

I have supplied the contents of 2 velocity files that perform 2 different
navigations.  In one, you can browse the portlets via an alphabetical index.  In
the other, it allows you to go to each page based on the start number.  These
are 2 minimal examples.

While the implementation may be debatable, I think that the feature itself would
be beneficial.  Also, the change to the code is very minimal; it can be placed
readily into 1.4b4.  If this is too late for 1.4b4, I would still like to see
the patch for the CustomizeSetAction to be added (minus the navigation).  This
should put into the context all of the information needed to create different
navigations, regardless of whether there is a feature added to Jetspeed to do this.


Jeremy Ford

P.S.  If needed, I can create a log in Bugzilla

Index: CustomizeSetAction.java
RCS file:
retrieving revision 1.40
diff -u -r1.40 CustomizeSetAction.java
--- CustomizeSetAction.java     11 Apr 2003 13:20:51 -0000  1.40
+++ CustomizeSetAction.java     15 Apr 2003 21:18:29 -0000
@@ -310,8 +310,11 @@
             context.put("browser", portlets.subList(start, end));
-            context.put("size", String.valueOf(size));
+            context.put("size", new Integer(size));
             context.put(UI_PORTLETS_SELECTED, userSelections);
+                 context.put("portlets", portlets);
+                 context.put("navigation",
         else if ("addref".equals(mode))

Index: admin.xreg
RCS file: /home/cvspublic/jakarta-jetspeed/webapp/WEB-INF/conf/admin.xreg,v
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -u -r1.35 admin.xreg
--- admin.xreg  15 Apr 2003 20:43:01 -0000      1.35
+++ admin.xreg  15 Apr 2003 21:30:21 -0000
@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@
     <parameter name="addRefDisabled.style.template" value="Button.vm"
     <parameter name="addRefDisabled.style.disabled" value="true"
     <parameter name="addRefDisabled.style.no-access" value="addRefDisabled"
+    <parameter name="navigation" value="navigation/page-numeric.vm"
       <title>Customize pane</title>

Index: customizer-portletset-add.vm
RCS file:
retrieving revision 1.15
diff -u -r1.15 customizer-portletset-add.vm
--- customizer-portletset-add.vm        27 Sep 2002 20:00:03 -0000    1.15
+++ customizer-portletset-add.vm        15 Apr 2003 21:31:53 -0000
@@ -134,6 +134,12 @@
+      <tr>
+         <td colspan="3">
+         #set($nav = "portlets/html/${navigation}")
+         #parse($nav)
+         </td>
+         </tr>


#set($lastChar = "0")
#set($tempStart = 0)
#foreach($portlet in $portlets)
        #set($title = $portlet.title)
        #if($title && $title.length() > 0)
              #set($temp1 = $lastChar.charAt(0))
              #set($temp2 = $title.charAt(0))

              #if($temp1 != $temp2)

              #set($lastChar = $temp2.toString())
        #set($tempStart = $tempStart + 1)


##set($perPage = $size)

#set($perPage = 15)
#set($totalNum = $portlets.size())

#set($numPages = $totalNum / $perPage)

#foreach($page in [0..$numPages])
        #set($tempStart = $page * $perPage)

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