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From "Harald Ommang" <har...@ommang.com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Further logging enhancements
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 06:34:37 GMT
On Tue, 13 May 2003 02:17:09 -0400, David Sean Taylor wrote:

> Im fine with the proposal above.
> My real concern is applying the patches.
> I have applied patches in Unix, Windows, and with Eclipse.
> It never goes easy for me. Multi-file patches never work as planned.
> The paths are never set correctly in the patch file, and I usually have 
> to edit the paths by hand.
> If we are going to touch every file in the CVS (over 600 I believe), no 
> one can apply each one of those patches by hand
> Has anyone experience with applying patches to hundreds of files?
> --
> David Sean Taylor


My first checks indicate that approximately 190 source files currently use the
old logger, so I'll do the fixes in these first. We should then set up
rules/plans to increase the use of logging, where appropriate.
I also plan on doing the changes in chunks, to make it easer for you committers.
My last patch for "Cleanup Logging" modified close to 80 files, and was done by
Mark. I don't know that he had any trouble with that.


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