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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Upgrading to Latest Jars
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 03:31:33 GMT
A heads-up for what we all will be getting into when Jetspeed upgrades to
Torque-3.0-b5-dev. (We were on Torque-3.0-b2-dev)
I've already done this for core Jetspeed. However your application code will
need to make the same changes in order to compile and run against b5:

- All Torque queries that used to return java.util.Vector now return
- DBConnection has been removed. You must convert your code to use
- accessors for PKs and FK columns return the actual data type, including
Java primitive data types, not an ObjectKey (or derivative).
	For ex: a column that is an INTEGER called USER_ID will return have
accessors :
		int getUserId()
		void setUser(int userId)

- Torque.getConnection() (with no params) now throws TorqueException,
java.sql.SQLException, javax.naming.NamingException
  (it used to throw just TorqueException)
- releaseConnection() was changed to closeConnection(), and it no longer
throws an exception

- It appears that maxExpiryTime and connectionWaitTime have changed from
milliseconds to seconds
- {$webapp_root} no longer seems to work, just remove it
- You have a lot more choice for Connection pooling, such as using JNDI,
Jdbc2Pool, and ConnectionPoolDataSource.
	See the Torque.properties in Jetspeed cvs for examples

- Torque.properties now prefixes Torque properties with "torque."
- Components are all prefixed with "services.ComponentService.

- We need to include build-torque.properties in your ant build and call it
from your build.properties
- Torque now supports excludes and includes (I can't find any docs) to
choose which xml files to build.
   If you don't specify excludes and includes, Torque will generate for all
xml files found in the schemaDirectory
torque.schema.sql.includes = security-schema.xml, turbine-schema.xml,
torque.schema.create-db.includes = security-schema.xml, turbine-schema.xml,
torque.schema.init-sql.includes = security-schema.xml, turbine-schema.xml,
torque.schema.om.includes = security-schema.xml, turbine-schema.xml,

I could be missing something. Also see

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