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From Jason Novotny <jdnovo...@lbl.gov>
Subject Re: why do portlets inherit from servlets?
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 04:08:33 GMT

    That sounds fine in theory, but seems to make the implementation 
kind of schizophrenic. So if portlets are servlets and they have an 
entry in a web.xml file and a servlet mapping, then it would seem they 
are really managed by the servlet container e.g. Tomcat. However 
portlets don't implement servlets they extend them, so the only calls 
that the servlet container can make are the init(ServletConfig), 
service(HttpServletRequest, httpServletResponse) and destroy() methods. 
How do the init(PortletConfig) initConcrete(PortletSettings) and doView, 
doEdit, doHelp, etc, methods get called that are defined in the 
WebSphere portlet API?  If portlets are in fact their own objects than 
they can be managed by a chief servlet otherwise it seems that the 
portlet container is really a servlet container. Possibly IBM hacked 
Tomcat as well to make their model fly. I'm beginning to think there is 
really no good reason for portlets to subclass servlets.


Weaver, Scott wrote:

>Here is a portion of JSR 168.
>"The Portlet specification will be based on the Servlet specification. It is envisioned
that the developer API will be similar to the Servlet API.
>The Portlet specification will restrict the use of functions provided by the Servlet API
to a subset that makes sense for components providing fragments of a markup page."
>It's pretty much like David stated below.  Use the servlet API pieces for where it makes
sense, drop the stuff that doesn't.
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>>From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com]
>>Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 12:55 AM
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>>Subject: RE: why do portlets inherit from servlets?
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>>>From: Jason Novotny [mailto:jdnovotny@lbl.gov]
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>>>Subject: Re: why do portlets inherit from servlets?
>>>Hi David,
>>>	Thanks for the information. In trying to implement
>>>something similar
>>>myself, I'm confused as to how to manage the portlet lifecycle if
>>>portlets are servlets. For instance, the only method a "manger"
>>>servlet, or portlet container, can access of a portlet is the service
>>>method thru the RequestDispatcher.include call. How would the
>>>init(PortletConfig) or initConcrete(PortletSettings), login and other
>>>methods get called?
>>>In the other case, where portlets are their own objects and not
>>>necessarily servlets, then what about the PortletConfig object, which
>>>seems to get its params from the web.xml? Will that be a part of the
>>Well wouldn't the servlet interface be just one of the interfaces that a
>>portlet may implement, so the container can make standardized calls such
>>init on the Portlet (extended) interface.
>>IMO, there are too many differences between a portlet and servlet. The
>>servlet api should be mimicked where needed.
>>I personally wouldn't extend a Portlet interface from Servlet. A portlet
>>a different lifecycle and request phases. Some Servlet API methods would
>>not applicable (or stale) on the Portlet api. Portlets render fragments,
>>servlets the entire page.
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