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Subject RE: why do not the authors of Jetspeed write the detail document about Jetspeed?
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:27:16 GMT

Yes it's a pleasure to do it.

I think most of the active developers of Jetspeed like Paul,David,Scott
...... (sorry to miss other developers) are extremely busy in shaping
Jetspeed to an excellent shape ( one can observe this by following
jetspeed-dev mailing list). 

May be it's unfair to expect a detailed documentation or help manual from
them. Many of us have really benefited from such an open source EIP and I
feel the time has come for us to pay back by contributing as a developer or
atleast by lending our hands in preparing a help manual. As Gautam pointed
out, the help manual and FAQ we are about to prepare will definitely reduce
the number of queries flowing in to the forum.

A couple requests to Paul & Co. 

1.You need to roll the ball first by preparing a TODO list for the help
manual or FAQ and give the adequate guidance.

2.If we observe JBOSS.org, they welcome the aspiring open source developers
in a fantastic manner like how to start and where to start ( kindly have a
look at http://www.jboss.org/developers/join.jsp). It is my humble opinion,
We need one such thing for the open source Jakarta projects. This would
facilitate the aspiring open source developers to start and then they may
become active developers in Jakarta projects.

With Thanks & Regards,

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