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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Security_14 Branch Merge
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:52:46 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

>We (Paul and I) would like to merge the new Security_14 branch into the
>cvs main branch.
>All the unit tests have passed.
>Could you please review the branch before we merge.
>We would like to merge the branch in by Tuesday June 25.
I have been looking at the branch, but I have not been able to clarify 
some important issues:

- Is there any way to have groups of pages (realms, turbine's groups) 
having different permissions for users with the same role? Going back to 
the current turbine model, can I have users having role "admin" in the 
group "production" having no "admin" rights in different groups, for 
instance, in the "global" group or in a "sales" group? This is mandatory 
for any portal where there are different pages for different kinds of 
users without having a mess of "productionadmin", "salesuser", 
"salesadmin", etc. roles, and even more mess with the administration of 
the PSML resources and portlets.
- I can't understand how the "group" thing in the Security proposal fits 
in. I need more time to study it.
- Do you feel that functional testing has gone far enough? I have not 
had time to compare both implementations, let it alone to run it with 
any realistic portal.

I think merging the code while we still don't have any (positive or 
negative) feed back is risky.

I still have ongoing changes related with the current security model, 
and I would like to be sure that the new model is at least as expressive 
as the previous one.

Regards, Santiago

>To check out the branch:
>cvs co -r security_14 jakarta-jetspeed
>The proposal is located in the cvs at: 

A note for people looking at the proposal: The version in head is *not* 
the latest. Use the cvs or the one in the checkout with the branch.

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