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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Jakarta Newsletter
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 23:37:18 GMT
Hi Rob,

This is David from the jetspeed-dev list.
We are planning on releasing Jetspeed 1.4b1 (or a1) next week.
I could send you some text describing the new features going into
Jetspeed 1.4.
Would that be something of interest for the newsletter?


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> Subject: Jakarta Newsletter
> Firstly, apologies for the cross post but I wanted your 
> attention (and conribtutions).  Any discussion following that 
> should involve me should probably go on general@ or cc me 
> directly - the whole point of the newsletter is that I have 
> niether the time nor the inclination to join all the -dev 
> lists myself... read on.
> The idea is to try and produce a Jakarta Newsletter to let 
> developers know what has been going on in the other projects, 
> without having to monitor each of them.  Hopefully this will 
> allow people to spot discussions and subprojects that are 
> important to them but were happening within a foriegn list, 
> the net result should be better cross-pollination of ideas 
> and increased awareness through jakarta generally.  Enough of 
> the high aims - a proof of concept issue was put out and 
> discussed on general@ 
> (http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/ReadMsg?listName=general@j
org&msgId=353518) and so I'm now trying to gather information for a
proper issue #1.

What I'm after is a volunteer from each group to edit together summaries
of the intersting / important discussions within their own group over
the course of June, and send me the result by the end of Sunday.  It
would be good (though not essential) if you could let me know that
someone will be taking on the task for your project, so that I can
reduce the general pestering in later mails .  Any groups that submit
nothing will simply not feature as I have not got the time to browse and
edit the discussions myself.

Thanks in advance,


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