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From Todd Kuebler <tkueb...@cisco.com>
Subject Template choice based on browser type
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 21:40:46 GMT
I've encountered a problem with the current Jetspeed and Netscape 4.7x 
regarding deeply nested tables and CCS causing netscape to freeze and/or 
crash.  After browsing through the jetspeed-users group I can see this is a 
known problem.   Unfortunately for me Netscape 4.76 is the official 
corporate browser here.  I have been working on a general template 
solution, but it is becoming clear that Netscape 4.7x is broken enough that 
it needs it's own set of templates.

This suggests a feature of Jetspeed that I think would be nice, but that 
requires some thought to implement cleanly.   I thought I'd throw out my 
initial ideas on this for general comment.

Feature Proposal: Allow for template choice based on browser type.

 >>> rough idea >>>
# TR.p Template set choice routed based on browser
browser.router.match="Netscape 4.7", netscape_default.vm   ( or 
alternatively "Netscape 4.7*", netscape )
browser.router.match="lynx", text_default.vm
browser.router.match.netscape=Netscape 4.7%
<<< rough idea <<<

and have the browser router use this data to route you to a different set 
of templates similar to the way language routing takes place.  If a 
particular browser doesn't have templates it would of fall back to the 
default so that you would only have to define special templates for problem 

I have a sinking feeling that the answer to many of the questions below is 
'Turbine'.  Ok, I'll download the tdk, read the docs and get busy. :\

- Is there an idea of template sets in jetspeed that could be used for 
this?   I'm digging in the language stuff to figure out the answer to that 
question and see if there is anything I can use there, at first glance it 
doesn't look like it.
- Is adding another layer of directories to the mix is a good idea; there 
might be some name pattern that could be applied, ie 
vm/layouts/html/en/default_netscape.vm.  Or should it add to the directory 
path similar to language?
- If it follows the directory path solution, were should the point be?  the 
- Is there a chaining mechanism that allows for a configurable set of 
events to happen during request processing and template selection that I 
can plug into?

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