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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit:jakarta-jetspeed/build/torque/templates/sql/security Control.vmdefault-roles-perms.vm default-secure-passwords.vm
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:22:40 GMT
En lun, 2001-11-12 a 05:36, Jon Stevens escribió:
> on 11/11/01 8:30 PM, "David Sean Taylor" <david@bluesunrise.com> wrote:
> > Which Torque.zip? 2.1?
> > Ive been screwing with dependency problems between torque and velocity and
> > turbine all day, and Im sick of it.
> > I couldn't get any Torque versions to compile with the current Turbine used
> > in Jetspeed.
> That is no excuse. You could have still checked in a .zip file. Having two
> copies of all of the individual Torque files in CVS makes no sense.
> On top of it, you checked in generated Torque files. Why?
> > Im leaving it there.
> Nope. I just gave you a -1. Take it out.

According to http://jakarta.apache.org/site/decisions.html:

 Developers who give frequent and valuable contributions to a subproject
of the Project can have their status promoted to that of a "Committer"
for that subproject. A Committer has write access to the source code
repository and gains voting rights allowing them to affect the future of
the subproject.


 Any Developer may vote on any issue or action item. However, the only
binding votes are those cast by a Committer. If the vote is about a
change to the source code or documentation and the primary author is a
Developer and not a Commiter, the primary author of what is being
changed may also cast a binding vote on that issue.

End quote.

I know, you are a PMC member (I don't think you can be considered a
Jetspeed subproject committer). But still, if you want to enforce the
decision, a PMC meeting should explicitly tell David to remove the code.

Please, times are hard enough. Try to be more polite when you bash us.

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