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From Johnny Cass <johnny.c...@epiuse.com>
Subject Re: TODO updated
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 14:55:27 GMT
Raphaƫl Luta wrote:
> Johnny Cass wrote:
> >
> > 3.) Can someone elaborate on the TODO: 'Update the build system to make
> > easier compilation of modules'. I am already making a lot of changes to
> > the build system to use Cactus. If somebody can explain to me how module
> > compilation is supposed to work I will include these changes as well.
> >
> Right now, the portlet that are found in /modules need to be compiled
> independently of the main engine. So if you want to include them, you
> need to build the main webapp, deploy, build a portlet under modules, deploy,
> etc...
> What I'd like to have is:
> build webapp --with-module=PollPortlet --with-module=MyOwnPortlet
> or
> build webapp -modules modules.tmpl
> and modules.tmpl containing the necesary information for building the webapp
> with these additionnal modules...

Gee, I don't think this is trivial. Depending on the module, you might
have to compile class files, edit the portlet registry (e.g.
CocoonPortlet), move jars, etc. Won't we have to write a seperate target
for each module? Creating a custom task to use some kind of
configuration file or template is going to take some time. Maybe this is
a fairly low priority task at the moment?

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