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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [VOTE:RESULT] Promote portals-bridges as a sub-project of Portals
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2004 19:20:25 GMT

Raphaël Luta wrote:

> Ate Douma wrote:
>> I've looked at the document and I'm curious why we would want or need 
>> a separate JIRA project for each bridge component.
>> I'm not against this, but it seems to me it will require more 
>> administration as well as every time over for each additional bridge 
>> we want to create. Can't we just use a JIRA Component definition for 
>> this?
>> As Preferred Project Abbreviation (for Portals Bridges) I would 
>> suggest the shortest one: PB
> No problem, feel free to update the document directly :)
I just tried but it seems I don't have the privilege. Should I have?

> I don't think there's any requirement. It just means you're going to get
> a few messages per week that need to be moderated through (valid mails
> from non-subsribers) or rejected/dropped (mostly spam).
> The more moderators are defined for a specific list the better, since 
> that means that if you're not available at a time, some other moderator
> may be... I believe we are currently 3-4 moderators on jetspeed lists.
Ok. I'll sign up then :-)

>> Concerning the developer accounts for the different JIRA projects (if 
>> we are going to use all of them): I would like to be added to at least 
>> Portals Bridges itself as well as to the Struts Bridge. Furthermore, 
>> if their is a need for a lead for the Struts Bridge I would volunteer 
>> for that as well (although I don't want to step on any ones toes).
>> And Raphaël, thanks for getting this started!
> If the consensus among the current bridges developers is that we only 
> need 1 JIRA project, I'm all for it as it's indeed simpler and we simply 
> grant all committers access to the JIRA project.

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