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From "Roberto Pellegrino" <roberto.pellegr...@quix.it>
Subject Problem with path in WSRP Consumer
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:11:48 GMT
Hi all,

I developed 1 portlet jsr 168, i have deploy this in Pluto and i consume
(via WSRP) this portlet with liferay, in link of image i write:
<IMG SRC="<%=renderResponse.encodeURL(renderRequest.getContextPath() +
this link war rewrite correctly in consumer...

Now i have developed a new web app with struts and with the struts bridge i
deploy this application as a portlet, i deploy this in pluto (All ok),
but when i consume the portlet in liferay(4.0) the link dosen't work, it
work if only i write the absolute path like

<img src="http://localhost:8080<%= request.getContextPath()
%>/images/MyImg.gif" border="0" id="<%=botton%>" style="cursor=pointer">

But if i write

<img src="image/MyImg.gif" border="0" id="<%=botton%>"
<img src="<%= request.getContextPath() %>/image/MyImg.gif" border="0"
id="<%=botton%>" style="cursor=pointer">

The consumer not rewrite correctly the path, and it dosn't retrive the
This is a limitation of struts bridge, or there are a method to resolve this

Another question...
I have a problem with the parameter in url string...
I set the number of current page... In Producer it work, but in consumer
(liferay 4.0) it doesn't work..
I write:
i set the parameter in url string
		java.util.HashMap params= new java.util.HashMap();
		params.put("page", String.valueOf(i));
	        pageContext.setAttribute("paramsName", params);
	%> <html:link action="risDV.do" name="paramsName"><%=""+i%></html:link>

and after in another page i try to catch this value:

String pagina = request.getParameter("page");

I think the problem is in the consumer who don't set the url correctly..

Do you help me???



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