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From Daniel Gruno <humbed...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Migrated records should be identified
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2020 11:32:28 GMT
On 10/09/2020 13.25, sebb wrote:
> Migration to Foal will be a huge job for some installations.
> Whilst hopefully all snags will have been ironed out of any conversion
> tool before it is deployed in earnest, it's possible that some edge
> cases will cause issues, and will need subsequent adjustment.

Short of ironing out a standard for DKIM_ID, the migration tests I've 
done have gone relatively well. There were IIRC a few snags, most 
related to the ES 7.8.1 lib, but once I got migration started, it worked 
as intended and everything on the new ES server was compatible. If we 
could somehow get a migration test running on travis or such, that would 
be ideal - but that is quite tricky - we'd have to maybe dockerize two 
containers - one with old pony, one with foal, and then test migrating 
across and checking that each document is obtainable.

> To this end, I think it will be essential to know which records have
> been migrated, and which version of the software was used to do so (as
> well as the date).
> It may be worth including version and timestamp info in the direct
> archive and imports as well.

Do you mean adding a key/value to the migrated doc with a migration 
note? That wouldn't be a bad idea, if nothing else, to keep score of 
what was migrated and what's new.

> One possible application would be to back-fill attachments which were
> originally ignored.

This could be run as a background re-indexer perhaps? That grabs the 
source document, re-parses attachments, and if it contained more than 
originally thought, add them and update the email document.

> S.

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