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From Rich Bowen <rbo...@rcbowen.com>
Subject Re: Change UI config to yaml?
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2017 11:08:58 GMT
So, I know I'm not terribly active here, but as someone who has tried to
sell PonyMail to my sysadmins at work ... a HUGE yes to this one. Having
configuration in Lua makes sysadmins turn up their nose at Pony without
ever seriously considering it. yaml is a giant leap forward in terms of
selling it to anybody who has to maintain an instance. The less weird
stuff there is, the easier it is to get it deployed in the real world.


On 06/21/2017 12:46 PM, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> I'm gonna broach this subject again, but with a twist:
> Why not consolidate the two config files into one for a later release
> (after the upcoming 0.10)?
> It would ease the issue of having to maintain the config (only one to
> change if you decide to change ES settings etc).
> I'm still in the yaml camp on this - I don't think the compiler error
> argument stacks up. You can just as well do a typo in Lua that won't be
> spotted as you can do one in yaml. They both have syntax that needs to
> be followed, and both allow for humans to enter the wrong thing in the
> right syntax.
> Yaml is understood by just about any language, both Lua and Python,
> though I would wait till there's a Python rewrite of the Lua scripts
> before we start switching to a unified config (we could have a simple
> converter for older installations).
> I have been toying with a unified yaml for a while, and to me it works
> great. There is currently nothing in the Lua part (or any python
> rewrite) that would require the config to contain actual code, thus
> nothing preventing a switch.
> TL;DR: Let's consolidate all the configs into one ponymail.yaml file
> with all the stuff needed. Then you'd only have to edit one file when
> you want to update your configuration.
> WDYT? This is merely a discussion on whether people think this is a
> viable goal, we can discuss the actual design of the file later on, if
> there's a majority in favor of this.
> With regards,
> Daniel.

Rich Bowen - rbowen@rcbowen.com - @rbowen
http://apachecon.com/ - @apachecon

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