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From Paul Merlin <paulmer...@apache.org>
Subject Docker based integration testing
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2017 00:23:12 GMT

I pushed changes to the build system and tests to automate integration 

It uses docker to build the necessary images and run docker containers 
as a JUnit rule.
All this is done only if the DOCKER_HOST environment variable is set, 
otherwise it's skipped.

On linux with docker installed it should work out of the box given you 

On mac you need to:
- docker-machine create someFancyNameYouChoose
- eval $(docker-machine env someFancyNameYouChoose)

On windows, see https://docs.docker.com/machine/reference/env/

With that done, when you now run e.g:

   ./gradlew :ext:entity-redis:test

it will build the docker images and run Redis in a container around the 
EntityStore tests.

The same goes for these extensions:

- Memcached Cache
- SQL EntityStore using both MySQL and PostgreSQL
- SQL Index/Query using PostgreSQL
- Riak EntityStore

All the others extensions are tested using embedded solutions, including 

Docker images are built by the :internals:testsupport-internal project, 
you'll find the Dockerfiles there.

Thanks to this I was able to fix a bug I introduced in the Riak ES in 
recent changes.
The only thing actually broken is SQL Index/Query, see 

For now these test do not run on CI.
builds.apache.org supports docker so we should be able to do that too at 
some point.
In the meantime some of us should run the *whole* test suite from time 
to time.
At least now it should be damn easy to do!

Before calling this automation done I'd like to get someone to confirm 
it 'works for them'.
I only tested on a mac.



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