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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Fwd: [REPORT]{DRAFT] Apache Zest Report
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 01:29:23 GMT
It is reporting season, and I am proposing the following updated draft to
be submitted; The previous draft was incorrectly submitted to private@;
Sorry about that. If no objections, I will submit this to board by tomorrow.


Report from the Apache Zest committee [Niclas Hedhman]

## Description:
 Apache Zest is a community based effort exploring Composite Oriented
Programming for domain centric application development.

## Issues:
It has come to the PMC's attention that Eclipse Zest is a well-established
subproject, within EMF/GEF/GMF ecosystem at Eclipse Foundation, and that
there is some conceptual overlap (both deal with explicit application
models). They also started way back in time, and the Zest PMC think that
although we could stick to the name, we think we should express some
goodwill towards Eclipse and change name. The sooner the better, especially
since we have no published releases under the Apache Zest namespace.

The new name "Apache Polygene" has been chosen, after quite a lot of
discussion back and forth and some dead ends. We have just started the
"unusual" process of project name change, and we are trying to capture the
work needed in https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZEST-195, a fairly
long list of tasks (currently 18).

We don't need Board assistance on this issue.

## Activity:
Recruitment of new blood is continuing to be our weak spot. Re-positioning,
re-branding, better tutorials and lowering the bar to entry are items to be
worked on, inspired by other Apache projects, although I suspect too few
small projects check what other smaller ASF projects do right.

Zest is a small community, and this quarter was very typical, with good
progress towards the long overdue 3.0 release, which is all about making
the incompatible changes once and for all, both in namespaces as well as
leveraging Java 8 features in public APIs and discarding outdated ways for

Zest is started participating in Oracle's outreach beta testing of Java 9
in CI build, and we are currently reporting "yellow" but expect to go
"green" before 3.0 release.

## Health report:
Zest is small, but above the threshold for worry. Efforts are being worked
on to simplify adoption.
Mailing list activity remains moderate and JIRA issues are being both
created and worked on.
All active committers that are willing, are on the PMC already.

## PMC changes:

 - Currently 11 PMC members.
 - No new PMC members added in the last 3 months
 - Last PMC addition was Kent SĂžlvsten on Tue Sep 22 2015

## Committer base changes:

 - Currently 18 committers.
 - No new committers added in the last 3 months
 - Last committer addition was Georg Ragaller at Thu Jun 16 2016

## Releases:

 - Last release was JAVA-2.1 on Fri Jul 31 2015

## Mailing list activity:

Rich Bowen is taking up 100% of the traffic on the users@ list :-) with
announcements. Officially, the users@ list is non-active as all queries are
directed to the dev@ list. The dev@ activity this month was normal,
although the stats shows a substantial increase, but that is probably due
to a larger number of CI build reports, some related to Java 9 testing

 - users@zest.apache.org:
    - 19 subscribers (up 0 in the last 3 months):
    - 2 emails sent to list (2 in previous quarter)

 - dev@zest.apache.org:
    - 40 subscribers (up 3 in the last 3 months):
    - 332 emails sent to list (240 in previous quarter)

## JIRA activity:
 - 38 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
 - 12 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months

Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer
http://zest.apache.org - New Energy for Java

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