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From Paul Merlin <paulmer...@apache.org>
Subject Java 9 Support
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2016 01:46:43 GMT

Good news, Zest Core just works on Java 9!

Bad news, we can't just use it right now.
Some things in the build are failing with Java 9.

I created ZEST-175 to track the effort.

Code wise, only one test was failing with Java 9 because it uses 
internal JDK apis.
It's the test for virtual hosting setup in HTTP Library that failed, it 
hooks into the JVM DNS resolution to setup the test environment. I moved 
it in a separate source-set that is only used when the build is run with 
JDK<9. That's good enough.

I did upgrade ./gradlew to use Gradle 3.0 along the way as it was needed 
to support Java 9.
You'll notice that the Gradle Daemon is now enabled by default, see 
I explicitly disabled the daemon on CI.

I also added a CI job to ensure we don't introduce anything that would 
prevent Zest to work on JDK 9:

Three things remain:

1/ OSGi/Bnd does not support Java 9 yet.
2/ The Scala compiler does not support Java 9 yet.
3/ Jacoco does not support Java 9 yet, their 0.7.8-SNAPSHOT version do.

I'll upgrade these as soon as compatible versions are published.



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