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From Kent SĂžlvsten <kent.soelvs...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: @Queryable(false)
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 06:44:05 GMT
Hi Niclas!

Sorry I have not been of much use lately.
The job-giving-bread-on-the-table-requiring some attention.

I agree that defaulting to everything being queryable is a lousy default.

Beginning from scratch today, I would have preferred the opposite
default, and an @Indexed annotation.
The opposite default, and i think it better communicates the machinery

In a distant future we could then consider adding (optional) attributes
to the annotation, such as

@Indexed(name="login" order=1)

@Indexed(name="employee" order="1")

Property<String> name();

@Indexed(name="login" order=2)

Property<String> password();

@Indexed(name="employee" order="2")

Association<Company> company();


Property<String> email();

acting as a hint that we should expect queries by name-and-password,
name-and-company or by email.
Some implementations might be able to use these hints to improve

But I am more uncertain whether we should switch the default now or be
bound by the old decision.


Den 14-04-2016 kl. 07:46 skrev Niclas Hedhman:
> Firstly, It feels a little bit icky to have a "true" default and a long-ish
> declaration with false to disable it.
> Secondly, it is possibly somewhat misleading to say that it is not
> Queryable. In fact, it is not being indexed, which results in not
> searchable/queryable.
> I would like to come up with better naming, if possible.
> Also, I think it is a valid question to ask; Was it a correct decision
> "back-when" to default all Properties and all Associations to always be
> indexed?? Now is the time to consider this choice.
> Cheers

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