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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: Scheduler library
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:05:36 GMT
Niclas Hedhman a écrit :
> Ok, I'll take that into consideration when I get there.
> I have had even more strange behaviors related to this, questioning my
> sanity.
> In FileEntityStoreMixin, there is a getDataFile() followed by an
> f.exists(). My code executes past that point (file does exist) but a few
> lines later (in fetch()) the "new FileInputStream" throws a
> FileNotFoundException. If I debug through the section of code, then the
> FileNotFoundException is not thrown. If I put in an extra check at the call
> to "new FileInputStream" the file exists.
> If I catch the "EntityStoreException" that results in this, and immediately
> call uow.get() again, then the call succeeds (every time).
> Unfortunately, the "try again" is needed inside the Scheduler for my
> application, and that is simply not a work-around that I can tolerate, so
> ....

> All-in-all, far too much time spent on this (5 full days by now). Why isn't
> Quartz used again?? LoadSchedules from disk, create a Quartz task for each,
> injected with the appropriate Module... Is that too easy? ;-)
I created the scheduler library way back in 1.x times. It was very
different than it is now, slow but served its purpose back in the days.
After that you rewrote this library for 2.0, refactored it for 2.1 and
now looks like you are rewriting it again. I feel your pain. A Quartz
integration would do, I don't recall why I rejected Quartz in the first
place years ago.



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