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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: Stream creation...
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2015 08:00:39 GMT

> That raises an interesting question...
> Shouldn't a removed entity's reference in any of the optional association
> references be silently removed?? A kind of lazy GC?

Interesting question indeed. Sounds a bit like magic, or Migration.

So, this would mean 'nulling' such Associations and 'trimming' such
Many|NamedAssociations transparently.

But, this can't be done on 'load' like Migration as this would cause too
much eager loading of all @Optional Associations and all
Many|NamedAssociations. So it should be done on 'access', lazily as you

Moreover, on one hand an application developper should care about
manually maintaining relationships ; on the other hand, this feature
would allow her to let the Zest runtime transparently handle some of the
relationships, based on relationships 'optionality'.

I have no strong opinion about it but it feels like magic and I think it
goes against least surprise principle.

Or, if we could apply concerns on methods, then this could be an opt-in
Concern for Associations.

@Optional @AutoGCedAssociation<Gizmo> gizmo();
@AutoGCedManyAssociation<Gizmo> gizmos();
@AutoGCedNamedAssociation<Gizmo> gizmoz();

'AutoGCed' being an awful name.


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