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From Kent SĂžlvsten <kent.soelvs...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Stream/Functional progress report
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 22:53:52 GMT
Debugger tells that the bug is inside Classes#TYPES_OF.

The old implementation returned both interfaces and parent classes for a
class, - the new implementation returns only interfaces.
The effect is that we only store the ServiceTags under metaInfo keyed by
the Serializable interface, and thus are unable to find it.

Who will be first to fix it?


Den 26-08-2015 kl. 17:33 skrev Niclas Hedhman:
> Gang,
> I want to give you an update on how it is going...
> In essence, I have completed the first round of massive changes, where most
> of the internals are using Stream API instead of the Iterable system from
> Rickard.
> It compiles and some non-trivial tests pass.
> BUT, I must have messed up some of the functions, because withTags()
> doesn't work anymore. When the withTags() are to be converted into a
> ServiceTags instance and placed into MetaInfo, something goes wrong and
> ServiceTags are never added. This breaks a LOT of tests, due to "json"
> tagging on ValueSerialization, and I haven't stumbled upon breaking for
> other reasons, so fixing this could(!) clear up a massive number of tests
> in one go.
> I also note that the Build Passes, even though most tests fail. That can't
> be right...
> I am committing and pushing this anyway, in case someone has time to look
> at this detail tonight or tomorrow, as I need to run around with other
> things quite a lot, for my move to Shanghai.
> So, my guess is that CI will break and start making noise.

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