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From Roman Shaposhnik <ro...@shaposhnik.org>
Subject Re: Announcing Program for ApacheCon™: Core Europe –REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2015 00:31:22 GMT
On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 11:04 PM, Niclas Hedhman <niclas@hedhman.org> wrote:
> Fewer projects represented than I expected...

Yeah, but note that this year all Bigdata projects were pushed
to the sister conference. And we've got tons of Bigdata projects
in ASF.


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> From: Sally Khudairi <sk@apache.org>
> Date: Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 5:43 AM
> Subject: Announcing Program for ApacheCon™: Core Europe –REGISTRATION NOW
> To: "announce@apachecon.com" <announce@apachecon.com>
>>> this announcement is available online at http://s.apache.org/31N
> The Apache Software Foundation's official conference series will showcase
> dozens of key Apache projects across topics and tracks such as Cloud
> computing, Deployment, Internet of Things, Libraries, Microservices, Web
> Development, Community, and more.
> Themed "ApacheCon: Core", the event will be co-located with "Apache: Big
> Data" and will take place 1-2 October 2015 at the Corinthia Hotel in
> Budapest, Hungary.
> ApacheCon: Core is aimed at Open Source users, developers, programmers,
> students, novices, community managers, and enthusiasts seeking to leverage
> the power of popular Apache projects that include:
>  - the ubiquitous Apache™ HTTP and Tomcat™ Web servers, both state-of-the
> art and what lies ahead with HTTP/2;
>  - Apache Camel™, a powerful open source integration framework based on
> known Enterprise Integration Patterns;
>  - Apache Cordova™, a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer
> to access native device function such as the camera or accelerometer from
> JavaScript;
>  - Apache DeviceMap™, a data repository containing devices attributes, and
> their related browsers, and operating systems, as well as an API to
> classify these attributes;
>  - Apache Directory™ Fortress, a full ANSI RBAC compliant management and
> enforcement system that builds on existing Open Source applications like
> Apache Directory Server, OpenLDAP and Apache Tomcat;
>  - Apache Flex™, the highly productive application framework for building
> and maintaining expressive applications that deploy consistently on all
> major browsers, desktops and devices;
>  - Apache Karaf™, the small OSGi based runtime that provides a lightweight
> container onto which various components and applications can be deployed;
>  - Apache Mesos™; a cluster manager that provides efficient resource
> isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or frameworks, and
> can run Hadoop, MPI, Hypertable, Spark, and other frameworks on a
> dynamically shared pool of nodes;
>  - Apache OFBiz™, reliable, secure, and scalable automation of enterprise
> processes, including framework components and business applications for
> Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, E-Business
> / E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning,
> Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management, and Point Of
> Sale solutions;
>  - Apache Olingo™, the Java library that implements the Open Data Protocol
> (OData);
>  - Apache OpenMeetings™, video conferencing, instant messaging, white
> board, collaborative document editing, and other groupware tools using API
> functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming;
>  - Apache OpenOffice™, the leading Open Source office-document productivity
> suite providing six productivity applications based around the OpenDocument
> Format (ODF), and available on multiple platforms and in dozens of
> languages;
>  - Apache Sling™, the Web framework that uses a Java Content Repository,
> such as Apache Jackrabbit, to store and manage content;
>  - Apache Solr™, the enterprise search server based on the Apache Lucene™
> Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON, Ruby, and Python APIs, hit
> highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, and a Web
> administration interface;
>  - Apache Zest™, the project that explores the Composite Oriented
> Programming paradigm, where Fragments get composed into Composite, which
> are placed into Modules, placed inside Layers, to enforce Application
> Structure; and
>  - Apache ZooKeeper™, the effort to develop and maintain an Open Source
> server that enables highly reliable distributed coordination.
> Those developing Apache-based solutions, as well as those interested in
> committing code to an Apache project, contributing to the Apache Incubator,
> or enhancing their Open Source products and community engagement are
> provided the opportunity to meet the individuals behind some of the
> industry's most popular Apache projects. ApacheCon: Core tracks,
> presentations, and mini-summits are dedicated to specific Apache projects
> and organized by their respective communities. In addition to outstanding
> education, collaboration, and networking, attendees will learn about the
> latest emerging innovations from the Apache Incubator, including Apache
> Brooklyn, Geode, Groovy, Johnzon, and Tamaya, as well as other Open Source
> topics and issues, such as The Apache Way, best practices, licensing,
> community development, and the Summer of Code.
> Anyone interested in Apache products is welcome at all sessions, BarCamp,
> Hackathon, Lightning Talks, and Community events: ASF affiliation is not
> required to attend or otherwise participate in ApacheCon: Core. Sign up for
> ApacheCon: Core today at http://apachecon.com/ and enjoy Special
> Registration incentives through 1 August.
> Prior to ApacheCon: Core, "Apache: Big Data" will take place 28-30
> September 2015 at the same venue. Apache: Big Data will gather together the
> Apache projects, people, and technologies working in Big Data, ubiquitous
> computing, data engineering, and science, to coach, collaborate, and
> connect in a completely project-neutral environment.
> We look forward to seeing you in Budapest!
> ###
> ApacheCon: Core and Apache: Big Data are produced by The Linux Foundation.
> For more information, visit http://apachecon.com/ and follow
> https://twitter.com/apachecon
> Apache", "Apache Camel", "Camel", "Apache Cordova", "Cordova", "Apache
> DeviceMap", "DeviceMap", "Apache Directory", "Directory", "Apache DS",
> "Apache Flex", "Flex", "Apache Hadoop", " Hadop", "Apache HTTP Server",
> "Apache Lucene", "Lucene", "Apache Mesos", "Mesos", "Apache OFBiz",
> "OFBiz", "Apache Olingo", "Olingo", "Apache OpenMeetings", "OpenMeetings",
> "Apache OpenOffice", "OpenOffice", "Apache Sling", "Sling", "Apache Solr",
> "Solr", "Apache Tomcat", "Tomcat", "Apache Zest", "Zest", "Apache
> ZooKeeper", "ZooKeeper", and "ApacheCon" are registered trademarks or
> trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or
> other countries. All other brands and trademarks are the property of their
> respective owners.
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