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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: Javadocs fails
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 07:48:57 GMT
Hey Niclas,

> Gang,
> The Jenkins build doesn't seem to run with Javadocs generation,
Quick check jobs don't but the @daily distributions checks job does.
BUT, it does so using Java 7. The missing symbol is reported as a
warning and this doesn't fail the build. I presume you're running Java 8.
I just added a new @daily distributions check job that runs Java 8 so we
don't get caught again.

> and when I
> do that locally it fails;
> C:\Users\hedmann\dev\qi4j\extensions\indexing-solr\src\main\java\org\qi4j\index\solr\internal\SingleTokenTokenizer.java:40:
> error: cannot find symbol
>    public SingleTokenTokenizer( AttributeFactory factory, Reader in )
>                                 ^
>   symbol:   class AttributeFactory
>   location: class SingleTokenTokenizer
> For some reason it can't find a inner class that the compiler has no
> problem with.
> First I thought that perhaps the explicit import was required, but that
> simply gave me;
> C:\Users\hedmann\dev\qi4j\extensions\indexing-solr\src\main\java\org\qi4j\index\solr\internal\SingleTokenTokenizer.java:23:
> error: cannot find symbol
> import org.apache.lucene.util.AttributeSource.AttributeFactory;
>   symbol:   class AttributeFactory
>   location: class AttributeSource
>  ^
> Does anyone has any idea of what could be going on here, and what to do to
> overcome it??
And yes, this one is a weirdo ... I tried to change the imports in
several ways without success ....
BUT, the Solr extension compiles and its tests pass without the
incriminated constructor, I mean by removing this constructor. Looks
like it is unused.



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