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From Stanislav Muhametsin <stanislav.muhamet...@zest.mail.kapsi.fi>
Subject Re: Qi4CS and Zest
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2015 10:00:28 GMT
On 2.7.2015 1:29, Kent SĂžlvsten wrote:
> Next thought: We really want some of the composite types to be explicit
> for application writers - but it would be nice to allow adding new
> composite types (messages). Hmmmm, could a Module be some sort of
> (structural/architectural) Composite, too? Composes of some
> entity-handling/value-handling/service-handling. Obviously that could
> lead to some chicken and egg problem (or "It's turtles all the way
> down"). But would represent an awesome fit with the vision of Qi4J as
> "composite-oriented programming" - hmmmm could we consider services as
> properties on a module ?
> Maybe adding new features to a basic ModuleComposite is really what we
> need for a proper handling of spatial extensions too?

I like this idea of having Module as Composite.
In Qi4CS, I think this would mean the StructureServiceProvider to be a 
I have to investigate further into this! :)

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