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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject How to update the Zest Website?
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2015 11:28:19 GMT

For your information, how the Zest website is setup and how to make and
publish changes is documented in:


Here is the current content of this README:

# Apache Zest Website - zest.apache.org

> Landing pages built using [Jekyll](http://jekyllrb.com/)
> Documentation built by the Apache Zest sub-project's build systems

## How to work on content

First, install jekyll: `gem install jekyll`, then:

    jekyll serve
    open http://localhost:4000/

You can now edit files in `./src` and refresh your browser to preview the changes locally.

## How to publish to zest.apache.org

First, install jekyll: `gem install jekyll`, then:

    jekyll build
    svn add -q --force .
    svn commit -m  "zest: update website"

## Directory Structure

    +-- README.md               This very README
    +-- _config.yml             Jekyll configuration
    +-- src                     Landing pages Jekyll sources
    |   +-- _layouts/           Jekyll layouts
    |   +-- _includes/
    |   |   +-- releases/       Release download pages, one per file
    |   +-- _posts/             News, one per file
    |   +-- index.html          Home page
    |   +-- news.html           News archive page
    |   +-- atom.xml            Atom news feed
    |   +-- downloads.html      Download page
    |   +-- community/          Community pages
    |   +-- sitemap.txt         Sitemap
    |   +-- landing-resources/  CSS, images, fonts and javascript files.
    |   +-- graphics/           Apache Zest graphic resources
    +-- content/                !! Root of files published at https://zest.apache.org/ !!
        +-- schemas/            Apache Zest XML Schemas
        +-- qi4j/               Apache Zest Qi4j Documentation
            +-- index.html      Index page pointing at './latest/'
            +-- versions.json   Versions data, used by the Qi4j version-switcher
            +-- develop/        Documentation for the 'develop' branch.
            |   +-- javadocs/
            +-- latest/         Documentation for the 'master' branch aka. the latest stable
            |   +-- javadocs/
            +-- VERSION_STRING/ Documentation for each stable release.
                +-- javadocs/

## Landing pages

Only the news are in the Markdown format, the other pages that should rarely
change are plain HTML so we can fine-control the layout.

A news feed is built in **atom.xml** and the site map in **sitemap.txt**

## Sub-projects versionned documentation

Each Apache Zest subproject should make its build system generate its documentation.
As part of its release process it should add its documentation to this very website.

### Apache Zest Qi4j

The versioned documentation is generated from
[asciidoc](http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc) text files from the Qi4j SDK
[source repository](http://zest.apache.org/community/codebase.html) by its
[build system](http://zest.apache.org/qi4j/latest/build-system.html).


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