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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: Release Specification flags
Date Sat, 13 Jun 2015 17:46:32 GMT

Thanks Niclas for investigating this.

Niclas Hedhman a écrit :
> Gang,
> The following components are failing the Release Specification[1] check of
> the build process;
> org.qi4j.library.cxf(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.eventsourcing(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.eventsourcing-jdbm(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.eventsourcing-rest(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.lang-scala(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.metrics(false) -> early, none, none
> org.qi4j.library.spring(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.struts2-codebehind(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.struts2-convention(false) -> beta, none, some
> org.qi4j.library.struts2-plugin(false) -> beta, none, some
> Documentation is lacking as the common theme.
> To simplify the Source Release of ASF, I would like to get these resolved,
> rather than extensive modifications to the build system to exclude them
> from the source release, yet have the resulting build system still work.

> CXF and Struts --> I suggest that we drop this support. They were
> implemented way back in time (pre-1.0 I think), and it is a marvel if
> either one still works properly. CXF depends on a really old CXF version,
> and they have made large changes in the serialization support there, which
> would be required to adjust to. Struts is kind of falling out of fashion,
> in favor of SPAs and Rest APIs.
Drop Drop Drop !

> Spring support is desirable, but the library has been largely neglected,
> since few people here use Spring. Seems to be a tendency to quickly drop
> Spring, once the Qi4j advantage is realized. However, I think it is
> important to keep this, and anyone who want to give it enough Love and Care
> will earn a "Qi4j Crew" T-shirt in Budapest in Sep/Oct ApacheCon Europe ;-)
The library is not big, handling it shall not be a lot of work.
I myself have no use of Spring.
> Scala support was an experiment that Richard ran, quite successfully.
> However, I wonder of the state, since Scala has released 1 or 2
> incompatible versions since. But there are testcases, which obviously still
> works. Richard posted some notes about this way-back-then, which perhaps
> could be converted into documentation. If anyone would take a few hours to
> see if latest Scala version works, and write up a little bit what it
> supports and can do. After all, it is a single Mixin, and can't be too
> complex...
Along the time I regularly updated the scala version, currently at
2.11.1 where the lasted is 2.11.6. Scala 2.12 is on its way.

I'll take my pickaxe and torch to dig into the interwebs looking for
Rickards notes and come up with some doc.

> The Metrics Library is all about support to add Metrics to your own
> application, utilizing the Metrics SPI present. Since I started that, I
> will take a day or so to stabilize that for a release, albeit 'beta' level.
CodaHale^WYammer^WMetrics is now maintained there:
Maybe we should be moving to this package?

> That leaves the Event Sourcing package that Richard made. It is an
> elaborate way of leveraging Qi4j to get CQRS and Event Sourcing. In effect,
> the command enters a method, which validates the input and then dispatches
> an Event which is picked up by a different method within the same Composite
> to fulfill it. That dispatch sequence, allows Recording and Playback of
> events, which is also included in this package. Anyone who can locate
> Richard's explanation and convert that to documentation, also earns a "Qi4j
> Crew" T-shirt at Budapest ApacheCon.
> This library truly shows the power of Qi4j, and I would hate to take it out
> due to lack of documentation.
> It also has two submodules, for Rest and JDBM storage. Should look into
> what those are and whether we can abstract that into something neater. But
> that is not critical at this stage.
EventSourcing support is neat. But I never used it myself so I'd be
half-handed handling it. Anyone?



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