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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: ZEST-23
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 09:41:44 GMT
Niclas Hedhman a écrit :
> @Paul,
> since you are the most familiar with the serialization system, could you
> take a look at the ZEST-22_toEntity-toValue branch?
Ok, reviewed changes presents in the ZEST-22_toEntity-toValuebranch.

All tests pass.

Changes related to NamedAssociation serialization as entries-array or
plain-object (ZEST-23) look good to me! Plus you introduced MapType
variant which should pave the way for the future change for Map
serialization. Nice.

> There is a very absurd change in AssociationTest, which was complaining
> that the friend() method wasn't Optional and not set in the testcase for
> "Rickard". So, it should have been failing all the while, and no idea why
> that wasn't happening before, and why my changes would have any effect on
> this...
Looks like you accidentally removed @Optional in 5915625 and put it back
in e6d2d6b.

Otherwise, regarding ZEST-22 related changes, given the comments I
already made in another thread (toValue() & toEntity()), I only have one
remark: could we get rid of the suspicious cast in
EntityBuilderInstance#L95 : (FunctionStateResolver) ?



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