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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Clean up the sandbox
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 23:36:52 GMT
First of all,
I think there is value keep "bad stuff" around even if it doesn't compile.
We can exclude those modules from the top level build.

Coherence ES, which requires a download with click-thru license from
Oracle, and I was negotiating with them for very long, but although the
engineers were Ok with the idea, Oracle legal/management were not.
Coherence Incubator is something very different. SO, keep the code, and I
might take a look at it later.

Jini/Javaspaces --> Drop that.

OSGi --> Some experiment made way back in time. Should be removed.


On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 10:27 PM, Paul Merlin <paul@nosphere.org> wrote:

> Hey,
> I started to put some effort in the `zest-sandbox` repository in order
> to make the projects it contains build. For now against Qi4j 1.3 ... I
> intend to then refactor them to build against 2.0.
> The aim here is to get the sandbox in such a state that new
> contributions can comfortably be made.
> I started by fixing the Maven build making all projects compile and run
> tests.
> Along the way I removed the `entitystore-jclouds` and
> `entitystore-voldemort` projects that were promoted to the SDK before 2.0.
> So, yes, the sandbox is built using Maven whereas `zest-qi4j` is built
> using Gradle. History ... But, one step at a time, I will start by
> upgrading all projects to Qi4j 2.0.
> This work sits in the `feature/sandbox-cleanup` branch of the
> `zest-sandbox` git repository. One can now checkout it and issue `mvn
> clean install` to build/test all sandbox projects (excepts the ones
> listed below).
> So, there are some projects I wasn't able to fix.
> - libraries/jini & extensions/entitystore-javaspaces
>     Depends on incubator release of Apache River.
>     Could not find a repository with the correct JARs.
>     Unable to make it compile against Apache River TLP artifacts.
> - extensions/entitystore-coherence
>     Used coherence version not in any public repository.
>     Unable to make it compile against coherence-incubator.
> I propose to remove them from the sandbox unless someone can fix them
> without too much effort.
> And there is `extensions/osgi` that I was unable to fix, plus
> `library/osgi` is already part of the SDK since 2.0. But this
> multi-module project looks very different from the `library/osgi`
> present in the SDK. What about it?
> Finally, there is `entitystore-gigaspace` that I did not touch at all
> after I saw there are two different implementations of it in two
> separate branches (`develop` & `gigaspace_impl`). Don't know what to do
> about theses ones.
> Moreover, to pave the way for other Zest sub-projects, I propose to move
> the actual Qi4j related-projects in a `qi4j` subfolder of the sandbox.
> Before doing that I'd like to ensure we are all ok about theses changes.
> Tell my what you think.
> /Paul

Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer
http://zest.apache.org/qi4j <http://www.qi4j.org> - New Energy for Java

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