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From Eliot Kimber <ekim...@contrext.com>
Subject Re: General Mechanism in WXPF Code for Managing CT IDs?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:47:41 GMT
On IDs, since the ID space is just footnotes, I'm just using the number of footnotes in the
Footnotes' footnote list to generate the next available ID. There didn't seem to be a need
for more sophistication than that.



Eliot Kimber

On 7/20/18, 11:06 AM, "Mark Murphy" <jmarkmurphy@gmail.com> wrote:

    According to the spec, the id's for footnotes and end notes are unique to
    the note type (footnote or end note). You may want to create this so that
    it can handle footnotes or end notes as there are only cosmetic differences
    between the two. Similar to header/footer. Id's should be handled
    internally so the user does not have to concern themselves with them. If
    you are looking at header/footer for examples, please do not generate an
    empty paragraph when a footnote or end note is created. This is too
    limiting because it forces treating the first paragraph differently than
    any potential additional paragraphs when adding content.
    Maybe for simplicity it would be nice, for someone creating a document, to
    simply be able to insert a footnote or end note with some text at the
    current location in the paragraph without having to specify anything else.
    The InsertFootnote () method would then do all the necessary background
    work (create part if necessary, generate the next id, insert the footnote
    reference) and insert the footnote text in the footnote part. It could also
    return the footnote for additional modification like stylizing or adding
    additional paragraphs, tables, images, etc..
    On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 5:33 AM Eliot Kimber <ekimber@contrext.com> wrote:
    > For footnotes I need to set a unique ID on each newly-created getCTFtnEdn.
    > In my personal code I was maintaining my own global ID counter that I used
    > to set IDs on things.
    > However, I'm not finding a similar mechanism in the POI code--is there one
    > or is there a reliable technique for constructing new IDs, e.g., based on
    > the size of lists of things? I'm pretty sure footnote IDs only need to be
    > unique across the footnotes but I'm not 100% sure on the general semantics
    > of IDs in OOXML.
    > Searching for "setId" I'm not finding any hits outside the test cases, so
    > either this is something the current API just doesn't need to do (because
    > it doesn’t automatically create objects that require IDs) or I'm missing
    > where ID setting happens.
    > Thanks,
    > Eliot
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    > Eliot Kimber
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