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From "Murphy, Mark" <murphym...@metalexmfg.com>
Subject Cannot see text in cell after F2
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 15:55:41 GMT
POI 3.12 - XSSF workbook

I am having trouble with spreadsheets created by POI. When I open them in Excel, they look
just fine, but when I try to edit the contents of a cell, I cannot see the value of the cell,
it all turns black. I think it might be something having to do with the my style, as only
cells that I have created, and therefore added a style to have this issue. Let me be more

On my spreadsheet, if I select a cell with data in it and press F2, the cell turns black.
If I drag the mouse through the cell, it all turns white. I tried this on a cell where the
text is not black, but red. In this case when I press F2, I can see the red text against the
black background of the cell, and if I drag the mouse through the cell, the text turns light
blue on a white background. Somewhere the "edit" background color is being set to black, but
I don't know how I am doing this.

Unfortunately I am not having this trouble for all of my cells. And to make matters more difficult,
I am using a particular style with two different cells, and one exhibits the behavior, and
the other does not. The only difference between these two cells is that I am drawing borders
around one, and not around the other. Yet not all of the cells I am drawing a border around
have the problem either.

Anyway, I still believe it has something to do with the style, and how it is being selected
or created. Dozens of styles are created behind the scenes, exacerbated by the drawing of
cell borders, and that could be my problem. But, I found in styles.xml, a fill that I did
not expect. Here is the bad fill:

       <fills count="4">
                     <patternFill patternType="none" />
                     <patternFill patternType="gray125" />
                     <patternFill patternType="solid">
                           <fgColor indexed="44" />
                           <bgColor indexed="64" />
                     <patternFill patternType="none">
                           <bgColor indexed="64" />

Every style that used that last fill had the issue, I validated this by removing the bgColor
node from that last fill, and now the spreadsheet is working as expected. Still not real sure
where it came from though. Maybe the use of the border drawing utility, though I have other
cells with borders from that utility that do not use the faulty fill. Maybe because they already
had an explicit fill assigned to them.

Any idea what I can do to solve this?

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