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From Andreas Beeker <andreas.bee...@gmx.de>
Subject Font embedding into XSLF
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 17:14:33 GMT

I've implemented font embedding for .pptx as part of extension for jasper reports 1) a while
ago which uses a repacked version sfntly 2) to convert ttf to eot fonts.

I think that might be a nice feature to embed the used fonts in slideshow, but there a few
- if it would be part of poi - lets say part of the scratchpad - the users would need to add
   additionally a custom version of sfntly (at least when I've programmed it back then ...
   they have now a maven version, which I haven't tested)
   where is good place to put these sources? (scratchpad / contrib?)
   would it be ok, to provide the repacked sfntly library?
- the eot fonts already caused problems in the past ... http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/MS10-001
   so I'm not sure if they are potentially treated as malicious content ...
- if a slideshow is opened in a restricted windows environment, it's not possible to use the
embedded fonts, as they
   are installed on the fly in the fonts directory ... and actually the whole slideshow can't
be opened then
   (... as far as I remember)

To come around these drawbacks, I've rendered the font outlines instead as shapes (optionally/configurable).
Of course that's only feasible for a small amount of chars, e.g. company logos ... or as we
used it, to put vector
graphics into slides over jasper reports.

As I haven't adapted it in POI yet, I'd like to get feedback on the idea and the mentioned

Btw. should we continue this thread in bugzilla?

Best wishes,

1) https://code.google.com/p/pptx-shape-exporter/source/browse/Pptx-Shape-Exporter/src/main/java/de/kiwiwings/jasperreports/exporter/PptxShapeExporter.java
:: embedFonts()
2) https://code.google.com/p/sfntly/

As long as there are ill-defined goals, bizarre
bugs, and unrealistic schedules, there will be
Real Programmers willing to jump in and Solve
The Problem, saving the documentation for later.

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