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From Shiladitya Mallik <shiladitya.mal...@gmail.com>
Subject Help Request: Error in PPTX2SVG: Different rendering in Unix and Windows
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:58:17 GMT
I am trying to convert a pptx to svg using PPTX2SVG. I am facing 2 issues:
1. The rendering in windows is different from that is unix. The header is
wrapping to the next line in unix system (see that attachment for the svg
compared to the pptx ). This problem doesn't happen when I use windows.
System information is as follows:
Windows Environment: Windows 7 Professional
Unix Environment: CentOS release 5.8

2. Whenever there is a paint gradient, it is getting rendered in uniform
black (you can check this happening in the header of the svg compared to
the attached ppt).

I would really be grateful for any help/pointers on these issues. Thanks in


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