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From Stuart Turner <stu...@turner.eu.com>
Subject Any way to match formulas?
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2013 10:06:42 GMT
Hi Everyone

I'm trying to replicate the Excel functionality to find formulas that
don't match with a reference formula.

In Excel you can write this: Selection.RowDifferences(ReferenceCell)

Excel will return all cells who's formulas don't match with the ReferenceCell.

The problematic part I can see of doing this manually is that Excel is
able to recognise relative references.

So if cell D4 has a formula of "=C3 + 2" and cell D5 has a formula of
"=C4 + 2" then it knows these are matching.

Is there anything that will help me accomplish this without writing a
full formula parser and comparator?



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