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From Me Myself and I <stargate7thsym...@live.co.uk>
Subject POI 3.8 Release Questions and Discrepency problems.
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 04:27:07 GMT

My questions here all pertain to the Microsoft Word Doc,

HWPFDocument world of POI. In the 3.8 release:

-The Picture class has not been updated, apparently, to deal

with the BufferedImage (Image class).  Because of this,

there is no java related way to set up an image object from a file

for HWPF, or to get or set the size.

-Neither CharacterRun, Paragraph or PicturesTable have been updated

to allow inserting a Picture at a particular character position index

(or the cursorposition) in a CharacterRun or Paragraph point in the 

HWPFDocument.  There is no way to have a floating image either; based at

an index position, but in a layer that may hover over text or other images 

(or hovering images) somewhere on the page or document.

-When using the setFtcfe function, there is no statement of various ints

to Fonts correspondence, and which fonts (ints are recognised).  Where is this?

These 3 shortfalls are preventing my reliance and use of the java POI library.

-Is there any code available to get around these issues?  What plans

are there to update these discrepencides in the future?  What are the plans?
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