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From Jim Talbut <jtal...@spudsoft.co.uk>
Subject Excel date formats
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 07:57:42 GMT

Is there a function (or does anyone have one that they are prepared to 
share) for converting Java data formats into Excel?

I need to be able to convert DEFAULT, SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG to formats 
that work in Excel for any locale.
At the moment I am doing this:
     private void dumpSingleDateFormat( Row row, Locale locale, int 
style, int colnum, Date date ) {

         DateFormat dateFormat = DateFormat.getDateInstance(style, locale);

         Cell cell = row.createCell(colnum);
         CellStyle cellStyle = 

         // Note that this cast may be Sun-JVM specific
         String dateFormatPattern = 

         DataFormat poiFormat = 

for every locale and DateFormatter style.

This works for most locales, but for some the pattern used by Java 
differs from that used by Excel.
So I want to run the pattern through a function to make it work.

Q1. Does anyone have such a function that they can share?
Q2. If not, do you want a copy of whatever I end up with?
Not being a localization expert, if I write the function I can't 
guarantee that the output is correct, but at least it won't make Excel barf.


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