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From Dave Fisher <dave2w...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: POI XWPF compliance error
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 20:28:12 GMT

On Jan 17, 2012, at 3:50 PM, Gregg Morris wrote:

> Hello--
> We have a process that takes a Word document (docx) and merges content into
> it, at locations in the document indicated by the document's creator. At
> the moment there is a small set of authors using only Word 2008 (for Mac),
> but this is likely to soon become a larger group of authors using Word for
> Windows (2007+) as well.

Is your Word 2008 fully updated? There were issues with the XML that MSFT produced for the
initial PowerPoint 2008 that MSFT had to correct with an update.

> We've discovered that Word can produce documents that cause
> NullPointerExceptions when loaded into POI. Two cases appear to be bugs
> (not handling objects that could be null), but one case clearly is not:
> "OPC Compliance error [M4.1]: there is more than one core properties
> relationship in the package !". Word can happily read and write files that
> cause this error in POI.
> My concerns are these:
> 1) How do I tell my authors to avoid this? In other words, what are they
> doing in Word to create multiple core properties?
> 2) Knowing that Word can cheerfully read and write documents that POI
> considers invalid, but needing to support my users, should I modify the POI
> code to relax this particular error checking? In this case I could just use
> the first core properties document part that is encountered and ignore any
> others. I guess this is a letter-of-the-law versus intent-of-the-law
> situation. It's not a perfect world out there; how best to handle it?

AFAIK our philosophy is "intent-of-the-law" and not "letter-of-the-law", but we need edge
cases like yours.

You are free to modify POI and make it work for your case. Patches are always welcome!

I also think that this should be considered a bug in POI and if possible you should create
a Bugzilla entry including a document that shows the issue. The document will be publicly
available and should contain no personally sensitive information. Perhaps the developers will
solve the trouble once the details are available.


> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Gregg

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