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From Ashish <ashishscgu...@yahoo.co.in >
Subject Need suggestion on reading huge XLs with validating the data
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 17:32:59 GMT
I have a requirement where client uploads spread sheet containing thousands of 
different columns of a row have different data type and the data must comply 
with some validation rules.e.g.

below is a sample file structure:

Column_name Variable_type field_size	i/p mask	required_field 
P/N		String 		20				yes	
qty		Integer		10				yes
Ship_From	String 		20				yes
Date		Date				MM/DD/YY	yes	
Status		String		10				yes	Failed 
OR Qualified

while reading the xl sheet,I need to validate the data against the above 
constraints and in case of any error in the data,
I need to store the error and inform the customer.

Please let me know the best possible approach maintaining the performance of 
the system.

Any early responses will be much appreciated.

Ashish Gupta

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