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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject Re: "Not implemented" exception for SUMIF function in xlsx file
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 16:47:41 GMT
On Fri, 10 Jun 2011, Chris McCann wrote:
> I'm having trouble evaluating the SUMIF function in a *.xlsx file.  It's
> throwing a "not implemented yet" exception but I can't figure out what's not
> implemented.

getNameXPtg is the bit that isn't there. It's generally only needed for 
sheet and named range bits, so I don't know why you're hitting it on your 

> FWIW, the function call in Excel is:
> =SUMIF($AI$3:$JN$3,C$36,$AI40:$JN40)

Can you try a simpler formula and see where it breaks? You might also want 
to look at the stack trace and try to spot why it thinks it needs a 
NameXPtg (there might be a bug in the parser for example)

(Ideally someone would get around to implementing the equivalent function 
for xssf, but that may be more work than you want to put in at the 

> In order to try to debug into the method that's failing I need the 
> source for the XSSFEvaluationWorkbook class but it doesn't appear to be 
> in the poi-3.7 source download.  Is that source available somewhere?

It'll be in the source download, in the /src/ooxml/java/ directory


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