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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject Re: Reducing the size of POI
Date Fri, 27 May 2011 11:12:21 GMT
On Thu, 26 May 2011, Mark Fortner wrote:
> This kinda begs the question "is POI modular enough". I've seen a number of
> questions arising from people not having the right set of dependent
> libraries. But having a lighter weight set of libraries would also be
> useful. Perhaps as the original poster suggested, having a separate library
> for each type of document would make things easier.

Given the ratio of questions to the list for "I'm missing a bit of POI 
because I've forgotten a jar" to "I don't want all of POI", I think the 
push would possibly be towards a single monolithic jar!

There's quite a bit of code that's common between all the components, so 
we'd end up with something like:
* poi-core
* poi-hssf
* poi-hslf
* poi-hwpf
* poi-all-other-scratchpad
* poi-ooxml-core
* poi-ooxml-xssf
* poi-ooxml-xwpf
* poi-ooxml-xslf
* poi-ooxml-schemas-core
* poi-ooxml-schemas-xssf
* poi-ooxml-schemas-xwpf
* poi-ooxml-schemas-xslf
and possibly something else... The risk of people missing something or 
getting one from the wrong version seems much to high to me!

Also, people interested in getting a cut down version of POI are likely to 
all have different requirements. If you want only excel, but also low 
memory, then you can exclude much of the hssf usermodel and keep just the 
low level parts. It all depends. I think it's probably better for people 
with specific requirements to slice and dice it how they need.

> Since I don't tend to build POI I was wondering if it would be difficult 
> to modify the build to produce separate jars and to perhaps zip up the 
> dependencies that people keep neglecting to download?

If you download the binary release, then it has all the dependencies in 
it, along with the POI jars and the documentation. If you use maven, it 
handles fetching the dependencies for you. They're all already there...


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