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From Victor Bartel <victor.bar...@gmail.com>
Subject Some troubles with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Date Sun, 22 May 2011 06:17:08 GMT

  Last week I had some troubles with WordExtractor on POI 3.7 /
3.8beta2. Library throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during tabular
data parsing and extraction. I've analysed the part of source code
that throw this exception, especially ListTables constructor. This
part represents low-level data manipulation / extraction API that deal
with arrays of bytes. When you are not in perfect word et you need to
works with 3rd users supplied data you have a risk to "meet" not
correct data and produce a lot of errors. To avoid a such of situation
you can use try / catch blocks. Currently I'm interested by textual
data extraction and what I get when in the end of processing POI
library throws this kind of not caught exception ? The processing dies
and I get nothing. Is it really complicate for you to produce stable
and secured code, capable to finish correctly this kind of tasks ?
Because for the moment to get working POI correctly I have to hack a
lot of classes with javassist by try-catching suspect methods and

Best regards,
Victor Bartel

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