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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject Re: HWPFDocument and dataStream.
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2010 09:04:55 GMT
On Sat, 2 Oct 2010, Zachary Mitchell wrote:
> -What do I data seperator do I use at the start and end of each byte [] 
> range?  Do images all just concatenate at the beginning?

You need to put a word image header onto the front of your image before 
inserting it. See probably half a dozen emails now where everyone keeps 
telling you the same thing....

> -What role does the "\u0001"  symbol play?

As explained a number of times, and likely consider this my last attempt 
to repeat myself.... It goes into the text where you want the picture to 
be displayed. It has a special property on it (it's a single character 
character run) which has the offset into the picture table of the start of 
the word image header for that image

Please please re-read all the replies everyone has already given you. 
Pretty much everything you need to know is there. However, you are going 
to have to do some work, you will not find a magic simple answer no matter 
how many times you repeat your question....


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