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From K raghavendra Rao <k.raghavendra....@oracle.com>
Subject Performance Issue with POI 3.6 as compared to 2.5.1
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 21:16:04 GMT
I was using POI 2.5.1 to generate .xls files until the record count crossed the 65k+ limit
set by Excel 2003. At this point, I switched to POI 3.6 and to XSSFWorkbook (from the previous
HSSFWorkbook) to accomodate more number of records. 

While I am successfuly in generating .xlsx documents, the performance seems to have taken
a drastic hit. I tested this as follows. 

- First environment has the 3.6 version and the second environment has the existing 2.5.1.
- I created a dummy report in both the environments which has plain SELECT query in the back-end
to return a set no. of rows. 
- The SELECT query returns in both the cases in less than 2-3 seconds. The 2.5.1 version provides
the document for download within 5 sec and the 3.6 version takes close to 70 seconds. 

I have attached the function which generates the Workbook object in the 3.6 version. Please
let me know if you have any thoughts. 

Note: The code passes the ResultSet object to this method, which as we know is not a good
coding standard. This is an existing code base which I am maintain. This didn't pose any performance
problems in the 2.5.1 version. Do you think this can make a difference? 

Thank you in advance. 


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