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From Ramon F Herrera <ra...@patriot.net>
Subject Re: Would like to add Javadoc and Source support to my projects
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 18:51:32 GMT
On 4/12/2010 1:11 PM, Richard Holmes wrote:

> Hi Ramon,
> I don't know NetBeans, any good?  The last time I looked was
 > about 10 years ago.


To be honest, I am torn between Eclipse and NetBeans. At some point I 
had both IDEs running concurrently on the same source files, just for 
fun. I recall I had to make all my editing in one side (Eclipse?) 
because such IDE is constantly watching files being modified.

For beginners -and anyone in a hurry- I would definitely recommend 
NetBeans, you can have stuff up and running in no time. Another 
advantage is that the GUI is very similar to Visual Studio.

With additional plugins, both IDEs support C++ programming, and also 
working from a Windows front end, with the compilation done on Unix 
(gcc, gdb, etc.)

Now, if you need to develop Java GUIs with some interface builder, you 
have to go with Eclipse. There is a commercial (not too expensive) 
plugin from Instantiations of such quality that I have never seen 
anything similar. Your typed code becomes widgets and your drawn widgets 
become code. NetBeans has some funny hack: they insert the widget 
parameters inside the comments.

That kind of programming can only be done properly with programming 
languages that have "reflection". Java is one such language.

I guess we are veering off topic... :-)


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