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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject RE: Max number of rows in an HSSFSheet? Max row num for HSSFRow? Excel 97?
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:32:10 GMT
On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, Mark Barnes wrote:
> I do have the source for POI 3.6, but I just wanted to know if anyone 
> knew of a technical reason why the limit was hard-coded -- like if some 
> counter was a short value that might overflow, for instance -- before 
> proceeding.

If you look at RowRecord.java, you'll see that the row number in HSSF 
(.xls files) is stored as an unsigned short, i.e. at 16 bit number. That 
defines the maximum row number that can be encoded into a non-ooxml file. 
See section 2.5.227 within v20091214 of the microsoft spec

> Perhaps it would be a good idea to allow the API users to select the 
> file format version, with perhaps some call like 
> setVersion(org.apache.poi.ss.SpreadsheetVersion), rather than fork the 
> code.

The OOXML files allow for larger number of rows. If you want more rows, 
it's a question of changing the file format (from HSSF to XSSF), rather 
than changing the version within the one you use


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