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From luke devon <luke_de...@yahoo.com>
Subject Modify EXCEL work sheets from POI
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 05:45:32 GMT
Hi , 

As per the POI API, I
think it is possible to modify EXCEL work sheets as well. My new requirement I
would like to describe you.
1. Before convert into CSV, there are few
modifications to be done to the EXCEL sheets.
Cell C
Country  Unit
-------       ----
aaa          a
Country field always in column “C”. It is constant.
As I mentioned in the sketch, there is "n" number of values in the
UNITS field. But in the country field, "aaa" won’t repeat until “n”
number of units terminates. Country will display only once. I need to fill
other cells in country columns until end of n number of units. Like this, there
are more countries to be filled in the worksheet. All are align on CELLC.
Cell H
Based on Cell H there is a value called
"Sum”. Once this value found entire ROWneeded to be removed
from the work sheet.
In the work sheet, there is few values with
comma. Eg: 1,300. These values are randomly located in the work sheet. I wanted
to remove ","(comma) from the values. Eg: 1300
And also in the worksheet there is 2 sheets
are available. One is "summery" other one is "Detail". I
wanted to remove "Summery" sheet.
  I would like to make sure , can we do such modifications via POI ? If it is possible can
I see some examples ?

As I introduced my self , I am not a software engineer. but kind of a developer with PERL
, PHP and shell scripting. I used those scripting languages to automate some process in UNIX
boxes. Since I am a Telecom systems engineer i would be able to do such little developments.but
very frankly I am not a hardcore java developer. But my requirement is based on java right

Your help very much appreciate.

Thanks in advance

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