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From "Jeff Lavezzo" <JEFFREY.L.LAVE...@saic.com>
Subject ApachePOI HSLF powerpoint merging text color problem
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:16:40 GMT
Hi All,

This question is mostly directed at Yegor Kozlov and Nick Burch since they
wrote most of the classes involved.

I've rewritten the Groovy code I emailed out before in Java in case that
helps anyone. It's attached.

Everything works great. I was very pleased that the old emails floating
around the Internet saying that POI couldn't merge slideshows were
out-of-date. EXCEPT when you get to line 85 of my class. The RichTextRuns
report that their font.color property is white. Running this through a
debugger drops me all the way into the SlideMaster's text runs to find
that white color. Setting the color against the RichTextRun has no effect
on the final outcome. I tried looping through the Slide's MasterSheet's
TextRuns' RichTextRuns and setting the font.color there before starting
the merge but that throws a null pointer exception in
TextRun.ensureStyleAtomPresent() at this line:
runAtomsParent.addChildAfter(_styleAtom, addAfter);

Unlike things like font.name or the list of Pictures which are stored at
the SlideShow level and referenced other places, the font.color is
specifically set for the RichTextRun. Is it possible that when the
SlideShow is written out that this property isn't referenced?  I'm really
at a loss to figure this out much further.


Jeff Lavezzo
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