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From Robert Tomanek <user.poi.apache....@mail.robert.tomanek.org>
Subject Suppressing cell errors like xlNumberAsText
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 08:39:11 GMT

 I need to write values into Excel cells. I don't have much control
 over these values as they come from an external source via XML (so
 all of them are Strings).

 Most of the time it works fine for me however sometimes Excel is
 trying to be too smart and displays the dreaded green triangles, like
 the one for "Number Stored as Text": "The number in this cell is
 formatted as a number or preceded by an apostrophe" -> "Convert to
 Number" / "Ignore Error".

 I would like to programmatically (via POI) set the Ignore property
 for cell errors to True. In VBA it looks like this:

  cell.Errors.Item(xlNumberAsText).Ignore = True

 More info:

 How do I go about that in POI?

 Being smart about cell types (e.g. trying to detect integers and
 write them as such) is not really an option for me -- the values from
 the external source can have really fancy formatting and I can never
 be sure what will trigger Excel's filters. Let alone the unneeded
 code complexity.

 So, is there any way to set cell error ignoring in POI?

Kind regards,

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