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From Fermin Da Costa Gomez <dacostago...@dcgconsultancy.nl>
Subject Re: Sorting by column(s)
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 19:35:55 GMT
> Hello again.
Indeed ..

> Am back in from work now and with cup of tea in hand so feeling far more
> 'human'. When I said that I could not really comment re performance of the
> two solutions, I hope I did not sound too sniffy; that was not my intention
> and I am sorry if my reply came across that way. All I wanted to do was say
> that I could not offer any informed opinion either way.
Absolutely no worries at all .. concise and to the point .. nothing wrong
with that, at all.

Fully understand your point about non Windows environments and it sort of
> negates the suggestion I was going to make which was automating the process
> using macros and Excel but that can be put aside for now.
Let's indeed .. ;-)

> Whilst I was out and about today, I thought did occur to me. Are you
> targetting the older binary file (.xls) or the newer xml (.xlsx) based
> formats? If the latter, then it may be worth looking at Yegor's BigGridDemo
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/poi/trunk/src/examples/src/org/apache/poi/xssf/usermodel/examples/BigGridDemo.java
> .
> The intention was to demonstarte how to create very large workbooks without
> running into memory issues and, as I understand it, the process is to
> stream
> data into a temporary file and then use this to populate a workbook. It may
> be that you could adapt this approach but I must emphasise that it will
> only
> work for the newer xml based files as it relies upon the XSSF stream of the
> API.
Good suggestion for the xlsx files. Since i don't know what i'll be running
into i'll go for both xls and xlsx as well simultaneously.
Do an instanceof check and start work on the proper format ..
I think the event based solutions might actually work without too much
hassle .. doing the full in memory thing is just not an option.

> Glad you decided to open a new thread for the xls2csv as I know nothing
> about it and it would be too easy for other list members to miss if it were
> tacked onto this discussion.
Don't get me started .. been there seen that ..

Re. the csv export code ..
Is my assumption correct that all workbook sheets are exported in 1 file and
not 1 file per sheet?
If so i'll probably have to add a new method that creates a outputStream for
a certain sheet and give it its own filename ..

Once finished, would posting it to the list make sense (maybe someone could
even improve upon it and/ or stick it in the examples repo .. ;-) )


Fermin DCG

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