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From Josh Micich <josh.mic...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: bug in cell.setCellType(Cell.CELL_TYPE_NUMERIC) (POI 3.6)
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 00:57:40 GMT
I was a little surprised to see how inconsistent the behaviour of
setCellType() is.  Here is a table of what POI currently does (Row
headings are 'from data type' column headings are 'to data type'):

From\To	num	str	bool	err
num	-	OK	OK	1
str	2	-	OK	1
bool	OK	OK	-	1
err	3	OK	4	-

1 HSSF sets the cell to #VALUE!, XSSF has bug (exception)
2 HSSF IllegalStateException, XSSF sets cell to 0.0
3 HSSF IllegalStateException, XSSF bug (exception)
4 HSSF and XSSF set cell to FALSE
5 HSSF sets vell to #VALUE!, XSSF sets cell to #NULL!

Conversions involving blank seem to be mostly correct.  Setting any
cell type to blank clears it. Setting any blank cell to another type
results in the default value for that type (however HSSF and XSSF
disagree on what the default error value is).

Before making any change I thought it would be a good idea to gather
some input from interested parties.  We can probably all agree that
the behaviour should be more consistent.

Firstly we need to decide on whether/how much Cell.setCellType should
perform automatic type conversion:

(A) never automatically convert data (only valid transitions are to/from blank).
(B) only perform conversions that can never fail (any type to string,
number to boolean). POI is currently closest to this.
(C) always attempt conversion of data types.

There are a few other related details to decide:
  - What action should be taken when attempting a prohibited
conversion? (e.g. throw an exception / set default value)
  - When conversion requires parsing, how strict should it be? (e.g.
is "$2,500" valid number, or is "no" a valid boolean value?)
  - Should an explicit convertCellType() method be added?

In my opinion, I think that poi should be changed to option (C) -
always attempt conversion, with strict parsing.

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