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From Max Zhao <zhaoxiong...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: How to convert XMLSS to MS EXCEL
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 13:31:31 GMT

Thanks so much for your reply Mark!

I didn't mean OpenXML, I am trying to convert a MS XML Spreadsheet to MS
EXCEL(native), both are Microsoft version. The project I am working on is a
web based project, it can generate/import MS XML Spreadsheet, But now we
will change the format from MS XML Spreadsheet to MS native Excel so I am
looking for a simple way to handle this. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for
your help!

MSB wrote:
> As far as I am aware, there is no simple, built-in mechanism that will
> allow you to use POI to convert between the OpenXML file format to the
> binary one. Having said that most of the support does exist to allow you
> to write such a utility but there are going to be areas that POI does not
> yet support. For example, I cannot think of a way to copy macros between
> the two versions, I think that XSSF does not yet support data validations
> and I am not sure how you would copy charts between workbooks. Having said
> that, tranforming simple files should be possible by simply working
> through the file sheet by sheet row by row, cell by cell.
> If I were tackling such a problem, I would look firstly to using Excel
> itself either by writing and running macros within a workbook - simply
> wirte a macro that can open a workbook and then resave it into the new
> format - or by using a library such as JACOB or the OLE32 package of the
> Standard Widget Toolkit to leverage Excels' OLE/COM interface. Remember
> that even if you do not have access to Office 2007, it is possible to
> patch earlier versions using Microsoft's Compatibility Pack; then you can
> open OenXML files with, for example, Excel 2000. Alternatively, OpenOffice
> has filters that can open OpenXML files and it can save them into the
> binary format - though not resave them as OpenXML files yet as far as I am
> aware. Further, OpenOffice does expose an interface (UNO) and you can use
> Java code - amoungst other languages - to develop programs that use this
> interface. Both approaches do have problems and I would not advise using
> either in a busy commercial environment, but for the more technically
> confident either could be quite a successful solution to processing
> smaller numbers of files on an ad-hoc basis. Somewhere, I have the code
> for both OLE/COM and UNO and will be happy to look it out for you if you
> want to use either approach.
> Finally, there are free web based tools such as Zamzar that will convert
> files for you - though this will mean uploading your files to the internet
> and possibly exposing their contents to a wide audience - and I am
> confident that a google search will expose other possibilities; I know for
> example that there is a .NET based solution that is available to C#
> developers but simply cannot recall it's name now. Many if not all of
> these will be commercial offerings however.
> Yours
> Mark B
> Max Zhao wrote:
>> I am trying to convert a MS XML Spreadsheet to MS EXCEL(native) with POI
>> 3.2. Is it possible? How can I make it? Any samples?

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